Simple and Automated Spool Generation
Decide how much automation you desire, set your options, then easily select items to spool.  Select your required start and end points, and let PowerSpool do the rest.

Prepare Templates
You have the ability to prepare unlimited template drawings which will define how you want your spools created.

Making Changes
Regenerate your spool any time you require changes  For example, you can reassign items from one spool to another almost instantly.  You can even make global changes.  Right click any of your spool drawings for a complete list of available options. 

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How much time do you spend dimensioning today? With PowerSpool, you can automate the placement of dimensions, or place them as required. It's totally up to you and this is an area where you will see dramatic time-saving results.

Setting up Dimensions
Set default styles: Isoplanes, distance from pipe, and all dimensions, even compound offsets can be automatically generated.  

Editing made easy
Use the Dim Edit command to drag dimensions to different locations or isoplanes with tremendous ease.

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Annotating your drawing is now faster and more user friendly than ever.  Annotate your spool drawings or the model itself.  With PowerSpool you can easily  Automate item tagging from your schedules.

Place your tags automatically with every spool generated, or place them manually.  You decide. Edit these tags quickly and easily using the Tag Edit command.

A listing of available information is given, allowing you to select and place whatever is required or desired.

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Customize and automate your schedules

Have your template set up for automatic generation and place the schedule on every spool, or regenerate schedules manually, at any time.

Organize the schedule content  and format as per your requirements, using PowerSpools’s intuitive interface.  Save unlimited numbers of formats for different templates or projects.